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Capture Digital Information Without Waiting on the Lab

Collect important data from electronic devices that can be used to identify offending or re-offending behavior without sending the device to the forensic lab.


We empower lab forensics to do what they are trained and enjoy most.  Frontline officers, whether in the field or station, can easily extract their own evidence. Then you can use that evidence in the lab afterward.

Fast, Easy Digital Evidence Triage and Collection

Extract Evidence In-field and Use It in the Lab Fast


Take Action in Real-Time

Use Triage in real-time to review evidence.
Then use acquisition applications to collect just the evidence you need or a complete device extraction quickly.
Then take the collected evidence back to the station and lab for further review and analysis.


Get The Answers and Take Action

Great for witnesses, victims and suspects.
Verify statements on-scene and in the interview room in real-time to reveal the truth.
Then take the collected evidence back to the station and lab for further review and analysis.


Use Your Standard Op Procedures

Our evidence data is compatible with your favorite lab forensic tools and can easily be imported and parsed and carved to meet your lab needs.
Allowing you to use your standard operating procedures for analysis and reporting.

Case Study

DATAPILOT 10 allows Probation & Parole Officers to collect information from offender’s mobile devices right on the scene.

This eliminates having to collect the devices, send it to a lab for processing, and the possibility of the offender violating the terms of their probation / parole.

Free e-Book

Best Practices for Collection Mobile Data in the Field

Understand how collecting mobile device data on-scene can aid your investigation.

Our new e-book describes five investigative scenarios that can benefit the most from field collections:

  • The Missing Child
  • The “Traveler” Child Abuse Suspect
  • The Domestic Offender
  • The Probation/Parole Check-In
  • The Trafficking Case; Drugs, Guns, or Humans