Not just another mobile forensics tool.

The first rugged field acquisition device is finally available, affordable, cutting edge, and a great addition to your arsenal.

Quickly acquire time relevant evidence in the field, ad-hoc and list search, fast real-time reporting, and all the data acquired and gathered is compatible with your other forensic tools back at the lab.

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DP10 in hand straight on v2 small

Useful features.

Rugged, fast and easy to use.

Fast Acquisition of Contacts, Call History, Messages, Images, App Data

Optical Screen Capture with OCR

Linked Screen Capture with auto-scroll and capture capability

Available Techno Power Kit adds additional capability

Acquire The Specific Data…

For the Specific Time You Need…

Acquire Contacts, Call History, Messages, Images, Calendar, Files, App Data, Deleted Data

Time frame you need, hours, days, weeks, months, years, custom start and finish, and even All data.


iOS. Android. and more…

Apple and Android

  • Fast and Complete Acquisition
  • Optical Screen Capture
  • Linked Screen Capture
    • Android even has Auto-scroll and auto-capture capability

Gather from Any Device with Optical Screen Capture with OCR and Search

3 Powerful Apps.

Acquisition | Optical Screen Capture | Linked Screen Capture

Get to data quickly using 3 easy to use, no training needed, powerful applications.


Fast and Complete Acquisitions: Contacts, Call History, Messages, Images, Calendar, Files, App Data, Deleted Data, and more.

Optical Screen Capture

Use with any device, on-board built-in cameras allow collection of evidence with OCR and search capability.

Linked Screen Capture

Mirror evidence directly from the target device in real-time. Android offers auto-scroll and auto-capture capability.

Manage your forensic needs in a different way!

All situations can utilize this state of the art tool.

Task Forces, CSI, Patrol Supervisors, ICACs, Human Trafficking, Sex Crimes, Probation and Parole, Investigations, and more.

Easily and economically disperse multiple units through different divisions.

No training necessary ~ simple and intuitive.

The products you need.

We have special bundles available.




Built for your rugged in-field needs.

Fast and Easy

64 Bit Windows IoT

No training necessary.


Compatible with your current forensic tools.

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