Yes, training is free. We offer weekly live online classes and can even schedule a training just for you and your team. And if we’re in the area, we will even try to stop by and help too. We do offer Certified Training Programs for those who want to work at their own pace, enhance their skills and expand their CV.

Our products are built AI smart and that makes them easy and intuitive to use by everyone.

Most users just pick up a DATAPILOT product and get started 1-2-3.

We also have built-in help right inside the apps, so even if you’re in the middle of no where, help is always there.

See our Is training really free FAQ for training info.

When you decide to purchase DATAPILOT we begin the process of introducing you to our family and your team.

We start with an introduction to your dedicated Customer Care team. 

  • They will set a check-in cadence with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your product and a return on your investment.
  • They will schedule a training for you and your team.
  • Customer Care will even let you know if we’re near your area and if we can stop by and train, help or just by you and your team a meal.

User and Product Support

  • We offer chat, email, text, and phone support.
  • We have been known to be on call or onsite for your early morning sweep.

Schedule a call and we will tell you about our teams and the support system to get you the success you expect.

Yes it is.

Our acquisitions of evidence and intelligence can be read, imported, parsed, indexed, carved and viewed in many forensic and other software apps.

For you convenience our parsed, carved and indexed data is stored in multiple formats: xml, sql and even html.

DATAPILOT products are specifically designed to work with Android, Apple and KaiOS phones, tablet, and watches. 

In addition, access drones, cameras, body and dash cams via SD and CF cards, USB flash and hard drives, and removed hard drives too. 

Giving you quick, reliable and easy access most portable devices.to evidence.

We would love to talk with you and see what you have in mind.

Please click here and send us a General Inquiry.

Yes we do, quite often as we  are all in this together in the fight for human rights and combatting crimes against children, sex, human and drug trafficking.

Yes we do, and while there is commonality between use cases, often user needs vary slightly and we are able to provide the right combination of our solutions to affordably get your job done.

Yes we do, finding the proper combination of products to meet your needs and the funding source to make it happens is sometimes an option.

We do offer volume discounts and several licensing options.

Please contact Sales for more information.

15 minutes is all it takes for us to help you get started.

Simply click the button below to schedule a short intro call and we will listen to your needs and challenges and let you know how we can help.

We will even let you know if we can’t help and let you know who may be able to help you.

Think of it this way, if we can’t help you, you only lost 15 minutes.

If we can, you’re gonna safe resources, time, money and potentially lives.


It can vary greatly with over 8 different triage and extraction applications to get your evidence. 

For instance, an extract only may take only 20 minutes and a physical may take several hours on a 256 GB device. 

Linked Screen Capture with Auto Scroll could save you hundreds of hours individually videoing or photographing images off a target device.

Flex specific files could grab a single critical video from a witness in just a few minutes.

If locked, you will need to unlock or have access to the pin or password.

This was among the primary reasons we created the DATAPILOT, to access devices in the field while unlocked or accessible. This is paramount to today’s investigations.

Let's get down to business!

15 minutes is all it takes for us to get started helping you.

Schedule a short intro call to help us understand your needs and challenges and see if we can help you.  If not, you only lost 15 minutes.

If we can help, you will save resources, time, money, and get cases closed faster.