On Scene Investigations

Take Your Investigation Into the Field

Our solutions allow you to acquire evidence, or triage devices quickly in the field. Preserve evidence before consent can be withdrawn or devices are locked and inaccessible.  Triage and acquire phones, tablets, watches,  drives and more. Then take all that evidence and intelligence and import into your other lab tools or our analytics software.

Free training and Built-in Help

Triage and Acquisition Apps

Real-Time Viewing and Search

Free Reporting and Evidence Tagging

Fast and easy

Starting with on device consent, then get the evidence and intelligence you need. A single, contacts, chat, to a full dump.

8 Powerful Acquisition Apps

Phones, tablets, watches, USB drives and many other devices. Triage and collect the evidence and intelligence you need.

Get Answers, Take Action

Great for witnesses, victims and suspects.
Verify statements on-scene and in the interview room in real-time to reveal the truth.

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15 minutes is all it takes for us to get started helping you.

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If we can, you’re gonna safe resources, time, money and potentially lives.
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