Collect digital evidence on-scene with DATAPILOT 10. Review images, videos, messages and application data from mobile phones and other devices and drives without waiting on the forensic lab.


Easy To Use

With just a press of a few buttons, anyone can successfully extract and understand data from a mobile device. The built-in menus are easy to read and understand. Don’t worry, we will walk you through it step-by-step.


DATAPILOT 10 has 8 powerful acquisition applications that use techniques to acquire data faster than ever before. No more waiting hours to pull data from the entire device. See what matters, right there on the scene with the suspect, victim or witness.

Linked Screen

See the target phone’s screen right on the DATAPILOT 10. Slide through each screen, just at it is displayed on the original device, even if the target device’s screen is broken. Capture each screen and OCR the data with DATAPILOT.

Optical Capture

Using DATAPILOT’s onboard camera, you can capture images, conduct OCR on them, and then search for relevant terms in your case.

Timeslice Technology

DATAPILOT gives investigators the power of time selection. Use it to collect the data only within the time frame you specify. Need all images from last Tues and Wed? No problem. Select the dates, extract the data, and view the images.

Free & Certified Training

We offer free and certified training both on-site and online for you and your entire team.

Complete Your Digital Forensic Lifecycle

Take action on-scene and use the evidence in lab

DP10 In Use

Collect and view videos, images, and text messages from mobile devices on-scene in minutes. See what information matters and take appropriate action quickly.

Law Enforcement

Use one portable, easy-to-use digital evidence collection tool to gather information.

Border Security

Quickly review mobile phones on-scene for images or videos of contraband.

Probation & Parole

See if an offender has violated their probation terms without sending the device to the lab.


Protect intellectual property and prove or disprove employee claims.

As easy as...

Connect Target Device

Android, Apple, KaiOS and USB drives, SD and CF Cards and more

Triage and Acquire

Choose one of the easy to use and powerful triage or extraction applications.

Case Management

Case and acquisition management is built-in and includes on-device Consent forms too.

View the Data in Real-Time

Get the data you need need quickly and reliable

Data is Compatible with Your Lab Tools

Once back at the station, office or lab share the data with your lab team and other stakeholders.

Expandable Functions

Techno Data Kit

Enhance DATAPILOT 10 with Digital Device Forensic Physical and Logical Imaging

Techno Power Kit

Additional power and cables in one ruggedized case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can DATAPILOT support?

DATAPILOT products are specifically designed to work with Android, Apple and KaiOS phones and tablet devices. In addition, can access drones, cameras, body and dash cams via SD and CF cards, USB flash and hard drives, and removed hard drives too. Giving you quick, reliable and easy access most portable evidence.

Do you offer free training?

Yes we do for you and your whole team. We also offer online and in-person certified training programs too.

How long does an acquisition take?

It can vary greatly with over 8 different triage and extraction applications to get your evidence. For instance, an extract only may take only 20 minutes and a physical may take several hours on a 256 GB device. Linked Screen Capture with Auto Scroll could save you hundreds of hours individually videoing or photographing images off a target device.

Does the mobile device need to be unlocked?

If locked, you will need to unlock or have access to the pin or password. This was among the primary reasons we created the DATAPILOT 10, to access devices in the field while unlocked or accessible. This is paramount to today’s investigations.

Is evidence data compatible with other tools?

DATAPILOT’s acquired evidence was designed to be easily imported into your other favorite forensic tools. We understand that you will need to dig a little deeper into the data to find the answer occasionally. so, we play well with others.

Does it support application, deleted or encrypted data?

Yes these types of data are extracted and many more like cloud data. And the evidence data can be utilized in your other forensic tools too. With over 8 powerful acquisition methods, there is usually a way to get the evidence data you need off the victim or witness devices.

How does this compare to other forensic tools?

DATAPILOT compliments your other forensic tools by being purpose built to give you many powerful applications, physical and logical and more, to get the data you need fast in the field or in the lab. And the evidence is compatible with your other tools.

Free e-Book

Best Practices for Collection Mobile Data in the Field

Understand how collecting mobile device data on-scene can aid your investigation.

Our new e-book describes five investigative scenarios that can benefit the most from field collections:

  • The Missing Child
  • The “Traveler” Child Abuse Suspect
  • The Domestic Offender
  • The Probation/Parole Check-In
  • The Trafficking Case; Drugs, Guns, or Humans