Susteen Releases a Breakthrough Field Triage Device for Pulling Evidence From Cell Phones in Real-Time

Written by Steve Lin

December 6, 2018

Susteen’s New Field Triage Device: A Game-Changer in Digital Forensics. Susteen surveyed front line users and listened to the needs of our partners in Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement. Our field triage device is specifically designed for a quick response to threats in the field.

Acquire evidence data from cell phones and tablet computers anywhere at a fraction of current costs. Our new methods speed up the acquisition of data from hours to minutes. Agents in the field can have instant access to text messages and call data. Users can preserve evidence on all devices by utilizing software and optical acquisition methods. These new advances in digital forensics, cut the cost of the device down by over 70%, making the tool affordable for even the smallest law enforcement agency.

“The Data Pilot 10 has been a blessing for our agency. My field agents can easily search for contraband sites, pictures and more on our parolee’s phones. We can help keep our community safe, by ensuring those on papers are following their parole conditions.”

Operational Capabilities include:

Fast Acquisition: This method pulls calls, call history and text messages from the phone. Often in less than 5 minutes.*

Full Acquisition: This includes calls, texts, call history, images and some application data (more data if phone is rooted). For iOS devices, this includes an iTunes backup file.

Optical Capture with OCR method: This method allows the detective to capture screen shots of the device with our embedded camera. These images can be exported easily. Our OCR software finds text found in the images so you can convert pictures into searchable actionable evidence data.

Linked Screen Capture: This is a technological advancement in our industry which allows the software to interact with the phone and preserve exact screen captures of evidence data. This can be used to preserve evidence on just about any application that can be found on the phone by selecting each individual app.

“Real-Time Acquisition” This advancement in the technology allows the investigator to pull the set exact time slices of data. Pull the last 30 minutes, 24 hours, 48 hours, full week of data or any slice of time from the cell phone. This allows investigators on scene, immediate access to evidence pertinent to the live situation.

Over 500 Data Pilot 10 field triage devices are now available in the United States and agencies across the country have been able to increase their operational capabilities. A pilot program is in place to allow agencies to purchase multiple units and receive complimentary training on the devices.

The new field triage device is perfect for collecting evidence at crime scenes or for accident investigations. Many states are considering introducing laws giving authorities the ability to access cell phones to see if distracted drivers were on the phone or texting while driving. The Data Pilot 10 will be a central aspect in the battle against distracted driving.

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