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Case Study

Waiting on Data from a Device loses critical time.

Lima Police Department Detectives know that every minute that passes, crimes are less likely to be solved.  Gathering all the information, including evidence from cell phones, is crucial to solving cases quickly.

The Problem Investigators Faced

Investigators know that victims, witnesses, and yes, even suspects are far more likely to give them access to their device if they know they will no be inconvenienced by not having their mobile phones for hours or worse, days.  However, this was not possible in the past as mobile devices had to be processed in a digital forensics lab.

Investigators needed access to this information while they were on-scene or conducting an interview.

What Investigators Needed to Accomplish

When on a crime scene, interviewing witnesses either in the field or at the police department, Investigators wanted a way to pull data from a mobile device.

In most cases, this needed to be select items and not the entire contents of the device.  In some cases, they only need access to a specific video, image or text message.

People are more willing to assist police if they know all of their personal data isn’t going to be looked through by law enforcement.

The Solution

DATAPILOT 10 fulfilled their needs to get access to mobile device data to solve more cases faster, without delays.

It took the solution a step further, allowing officers to also pick only a specific time frame AND items to view.

It made requesting to view mobile data on devices a less stressful situation for everyone involved.

A Real Life Scenerio

As mentioned by Detectives from the Lima Police Department, DATAPILOT 10 was able to assist them in getting a confession from a suspect with the data they retrieved from his mobile phone. 

Detectives had tried to extract the data with another popular solution, but it was not able to get the data at all.  

DATAPILOT 10 extracted and presented the data to them all while the suspect was still being interviewed by officers.

Hear the Benefits of DATAPILOT 10 from Detectives from the Lima Police Department.


How It Works

DATAPILOT 10 was created with an investigator in mind.  We understand that sending a mobile device to a lab is not always practical when time is of the essence.

You can get started acquiring a device in a few simple steps.

Connect the Device & Tap Acquire

Setup Your Case

Select Your Device

Get the Data You Need Quickly & Reliably


What types of phones can we support?

The DATAPILOT is specifically designed to work with Android and iOS devices, giving you quick, reliable and easy access to the most popular mobile devices.

Do you need phone password to do the acquisition?

To acquire data from the cell phone, you must have access to the unlocked device.  This was actually the reason why we created the DATAPILOT 10.  Having the ability to get to a device BEFORE it is locked is paramount to today’s investigations.

How long does acquisition take?

This will depend on what type of acquisition you are doing?  The DATAPILOT can often access all text messages on Android devices in under 5 minutes.  If you know the exact file, text or other info you are looking for, simply use link-screen to instantly access and record that data.  For a full dump of a phone, which DATAPILOT is capable of, it can take an hour or two, just like other mobile forensic software.

Does it support deleted or encrypted data?

The DATAPILOT can pull data from the device and export it easily into most cell phone forensic software platforms.  Some are capable of parsing the encrypted data.  If you are talking about encrypted apps, we offer new “linked-screen” technology which allows you to record any data found on the device.  The DATAPILOT can pull some deleted data, but for a full physical image of a cell phone, this will take time back in the lab and you might want to consider using our Secure View software and taking some classes on how to root phones or do chip-offs in your lab.

Would this work with other tools?

DATAPILOT’s acquired evidence was designed to easily be uploadable in other forensic tools. We understand that you will need to dig a little deeper into the data to find the answer occasionally. We play well with others!

How does this compare to other forensic tools?

DATAPILOT was purpose-built to get to the data you need, instantly, in the field or in the lab.  Whereas other tools are built to acquire data mostly from suspects whose phones have been confiscated.  The DATAPILOT was designed to get to any data quickly and export that data so it can be analyzed by most forensic tools out there.  In other words, the DATAPILOT compliments your current forensic tools and makes them better!

What Agencies are Saying

Lima Police Department

We have had situations where other mainstream products were unable to parse a particular piece of evidence and when we ran it with the DATAPILOT it captured images the suspect thought they deleted, the other products missed.

East Lansdowne Police

Now with DataPilot10, police can identify, collect and bring to bear digital evidence in a timely and cost-effective manner, ensuring that all available information is utilized to apprehend and prosecute criminals and to better serve justice for victims.

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