Mobile Forensics Certification Training

Mobile Forensics Certification Training

Learn about new cutting-edge field triage technologies for active
crime scenes. Join us for our mobile forensics certification training
and learn how to acquire and analyze digital evidence data, so you
can close cases faster.

20 Hours of On-Site Training Covers:

Day 1: Prep and Imaging


  • Handsets Overview
  • What are IMEI/ IMSI/ MEID’s?
  • iOS Apple vs Android user responsive locations
  • Preserving the device/ Get device off the network
  • Airplane mode/ Faraday bags/ foil/ what phones can be turner off Prepping devices when possible: USB debugging, trusting computers Passcode cracking: Burner Breaker and svStrike


  • Various types of imaging: Physical vs. File System vs Logical vs ADB Rooting: ODIN (Samsung and Kingo- Other Androids)
  • iOS imaging details: iTunes backup and lockdown P-List

Day 2: Imaging and Analysis


  • Continue with imaging
  • Creating cases in Secure View: Single device cases and multiple device cases
  • Different capabilities of SV Probe: Timeline, Link Graph, Prime List/ Etc.
  • Look at data usage to identify ownership, etc. (Example: look at the top 5 people to prove ownership)
  • Multiple device cases: Common contacts, conversations and more!


  • App analysis: SQL, DB Forensics, P-list, XML, Time formats in files (Unix vs Mac) Bookmarking data
  • Creating reports: Complete vs Evidence

Hands-on practical: Image a device, create a case, locate the evidence, create a report Knowledgebase exam: Online test concerning both forensics and Secure View

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Mar 26 2020 - Mar 27 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm
PATCHtech Lab


PATCHtech Lab
12 W. Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, PA 15601

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