“My first time using the
DP10 was huge. I have a
child exploitation case
where the suspect had
been messaging the child
victim for months.

Linked Screen was my
best source of evidence
and in one conversation
only, I utilized almost 5000

The OCR was awesome
with that.

Loving the tool.”

~ Watertown Police Department

Watertown Police Department

“DP10 is an excellent
product. On the first use I
only needed a specific date
range which is a feature
on DP10, it downloaded
only the information during
that date range and pulled
a large amount of data to
include videos from two
messaging apps which I
have had issues with in the

It is truly one of the easiest
devices to use.”

~ Bossier City Police Department

Bossier City Police Department

“I was struggling with a
device that contained the
latest iOS 14 update and
extracting data for a
pertinent case.

Our lab has numerous
extraction tools that were
unable to perform.

DATAPILOT 10 was able to
obtain the needed data in
a timely fashion so the
Detective could move
forward with the case.”

~ Chesterfield County Police

Chesterfield County Police

“I have been using DP10 to
support ongoing Human
Trafficking Ops.

This is a game-changer
with obtaining victim
consent to conduct data
dumps of their cell phones
in the field within the
allotted time that a victim
is supposed to be outside
of the eyes of her trafficker.

The amount of useable
data far surpasses any
expectation I had.”

~ McLennan County Sheriff

McLennan County Sheriff

“I was working a case with
my current forensic tool,
the actual conversation I
needed was inside a
messaging app that was
not acquired.

I called the local rep, and
Steve went above and
beyond and drove up to
my agency. Within 15 mins
of his arrival I had the
valuable conversation.

Impressed with the service
and the device, we ordered
our own the next day.”

~ Holmes County Sheriff

Holmes County Sheriff

“Over the past two
decades I have used every
mobile forensic tool on
the market each has its
strengths and weakness.

Since my agency has
acquired the DP10 we
have been able to capture
data from mobile devices
of witnesses, victims and
suspects at the patrol level
and access it instantly.

Little to no training is
required. The DP10 is a

~ East Lansdown Police
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East Lansdown Police