Digital Forensics Industry Day

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to break pincodes/passcodes
  • How to collect mobile digital evidence more efficiently
  • New DATAPILOT 10 field triage capabilities
  • How field collection can help your investigation


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Session Descriptions:

Opening Session

Speakers: Steven Lin & Jeremy Kirby

Join Steve Lin, president of Susteen Inc. and Jeremy Kirby, director of sales, as they discuss the past and future challenges of mobile forensics and how the industry has evolved over the years. Get insight on the mobile forensic community and the ever-changing needs of digital forensic investigators.

Jeremy Kirby

Cracking the Code

Speaker: William Hinkle

Through years of helping law enforcement agencies break into digital devices, Susteen has built a large database of the most commonly used pincodes/passcodes/patterns used to lock mobile devices. Learn tips and tricks for cracking these codes. Participants who attend this session live will get a FREE list of the most commonly used codes!

Victim-Centered Human Trafficking Investigations

Guest Speaker: Joseph Scaramucci, Detective, Human Trafficking at McLennan County Sheriff’s Office.

Learn how to conduct offender-focused human trafficking investigations utilizing mobile forensic tools in the field.

The Future, Today

Speakers: None

Video walkthrough of a Linked Screen Capture on an iOS device utilizing a digital assistant.

Fundamental Changes in the Collection of Digital Evidence over the Years

Guest Speaker: Det. Sgt. James Cadden, CCCE,  East Lansdowne Police Department

Real-world experiences with what works, and what does not, new tech and how it can make your job as investigators more efficient in the collection of mobile digital evidence.

Grant Funding

Speakers: Joseph Juarez & Guest

Learn about Federal, State and in-house grants available for law enforcement agencies. There are a number of grants that can be used to acquire digital forensic tools. We’ll be highlighting grants from the Department of Justice, and we’ll discuss Susteen’s in-house grant to acquire forensic training and the DATAPILOT 10 device.

Closing Session and Town Hall Q&A

Speakers: Steve Lin, Jeremy Kirby & Guests

It’s never been more important to Adapt-Improvise-Overcome when conducting mobile forensics investigations. Join your peers in the digital forensics field for a town hall conversation to discuss challenges in the industry and how these challenges can be overcome.

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