Susteen Releases a Game-changer in Mobile Forensics

Susteen’s New Field Acquisition Device: A Game-Changer in Mobile Forensics. Susteen surveyed front line users and listened to the needs of our partners in Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement. Our field acquisition device is specifically designed for a quick response to threats in the field.

Acquire evidence data from cell phones and tablet computers anywhere at a fraction of current costs. Our new methods speed up the acquisition of data from hours to minutes. Agents in the field can have instant access to text messages and call data. Users can preserve evidence on all devices by utilizing software and optical acquisition methods. These new advances in digital forensics, cut the cost of the device down by over 70%, making the tool affordable for even the smallest law enforcement agency.

DATAPILOT 10 From Susteen

Susteen’s Data Pilot 10 aims to make it easier for digital forensic examiners to acquire evidence from mobile devices in the field and analyze it back in the lab. In this review we will take a look at some of the Data Pilot’s key features and how it functions in a field environment.


Best Practices for Collecting Mobile Data in the Field

Picture it: you’re interviewing a suspect in a major case. You’re certain their smartphone has crucial data you could use to get them to confess—but you don’t have the hours you know it’ll take the forensic lab to get your data back to you. They’ve already told you...

Interview with Steve Lin, President, Susteen

Interview with Steve Lin, President, Susteen

Steve, you've been Susteen's president for a little more than two years. Tell us more about what led you to the company and what appealed to you about leading it. The reason I joined the company is because we can make products that help law enforcement and make their...

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