datapilot mobile data transfer software

DataPilot® 7.0 Universal PRO Kit
Robust Cell Phone Data Management
for Small Companies, Consultant Firms and More

All in one solution, compatible with Windows® , and Mac® OS
  • Cable set includes 10 phone connectors, 1 iPod cable, and one Bluetooth adapter
  • Designed for connections of up to 6 mobile phones
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If you are not absolutely thrilled with DataPilot, tell us within 30 Days and we will refund your charge.

Backup and Edit All Your
Business Cell Phone Data

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Text Messages
  • Photos
  • Videos

Synchronize Cell Phones with Your Company Contact Manager

Keep all mobile phones phonebooks in sync with your Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop contacts, and gmail

Bluetooth Ready for
Selected Mobile Phones
  • The Bluetooth adapter allows you to connect mobile phones to your computer via BT technology, provided computers are also BT compatible.
  • Allows you to transfer mobile content wirelessly
  • No strings attached

Everything You Need for
Your Small Business

  • One DataPilot Software CD*
    for Mac andWindows
  • 10 phone connectors
  • 1 bluetooth adapter
  • iPod/ iPhone cable
  • User Guide

Delivering over $270 savings in cable purchases


Expand your mobile phone options with the ultimate tool in personalization and content protection.
Back it up, edit on your computer, sync to your cell phone contacts and schedule with popular PIMs

  • Backup and protect content of company cell phones on your company computer for safe keeping or in case of lost, damaged, or change in phone service carrier
  • Keep all mobile phone phonebooks in sync with your Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop contacts, and gmail
  • Keep associates updated on business schedule with easy sync of cell phone calendar to your Outlook or iCal appointments
  • Backup company business contacts on your designated company computer for safe keeping or in case of lost, damaged, or change of employee status
  • Edit your cell phone address book and calendar by connecting the phone to your computer and use the keyboard for more efficient data input

Universal Pro Cable System

  • Contains 10 phone connectors, 1 iPod cable, and one Bluetooth adapter delivering over $270 savings in cable purchases
  • Transfer data and charge your cell phone and iPod battery at the same time
  • Data cables support most popular phones from Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson, and Audiovox
  • The Bluetooth Adapter supports Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens Bluetooth enabled phones

Personalize Your Cell Phone with One-of-a-kind Ringtones and Pictures

  • Transfer your MP3 and MIDI files stored on your computer to your cell phone FREE via data cables
  • Download and upload wallpapers, pictures and movies and avoid expensive over-the-air MMS charges
  • Download your MP3 files and pictures from your cell phone to computer
  • Transfer your mobile phone files from your computer to iPod via the data cable included using your
    iTunes familiar interface
  • Transfer your iPod files stored on your computer to your cell phone



Phonebook Manager
  • Import/Export contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Palm Desktop software
  • Back up your cell phone address book in case you lose, break, damage or change your handset
  • Select all or chose specific contacts you need to update in your cell phone
  • Add & edit your cell phone contacts using your computer's keyboard
  • Simple column management allows you to select the field you want to manage
  • Prioritize your contacts in any order your prefer by simply clicking the re-number feature


  • Import/Export company calendar from Outlook to cell phones
  • Create and modify important schedules by adding, editing, or deleting appointments
  • Mark company events, holidays and weekends in your calendar for ease of planning
  • Set alarm feature with reminder of important company events and appointments via company cell phone 

Image Editor

  • Download approved company pictures & video from cell phone to PC and email them to designated associates
  • Transfer company wallpapers from computer to cell phone
  • Set any approved image or logo as a wallpaper

SMS Manager

  • Back up company SMS messages to designated computer for quick reference and orgainization
  • Send SMS messages to anyone in your managed company cell phone address book and Outlook contacts
  • Edit your SMS from using your computer’s keyboard
Internet Data Connectivity
  • Check emails while away from the office and access the web for important data
  • Display connection speed and status
  • Versatile user-friendly installation program sets data enabled phone as modem for PC in no time



" I just purchased a download version of your DataPilot software, and it truly is a Godsend! I recently purchased a Samsung Finesse R810 to replace my aging Motorola e815, and the thought of transferring my contacts list by entering the contacts manually on the phone was not amusing. I had tried Samsungs own software, but wouldn't you know it, it doesn't support my model! All I wanted was to be able to type in my contacts list on my pc and transfer it over to my phone--is that too much to ask? The short answer was yes, until I got your software. Now, I will have a permanent backup of my contacts on my pc, so when I upgrade my phone again, at least I will have something to work with! Thank you very much and please thank your programmers for taking care of poorly-connected phones like mine."

Aloha from Hawaii,
-Curtis N.

"I purchased a new LG Accolade VX5600 cell phone and wanted to find a software package that would allow me to migrate my telephone # data from my old Motorola StarTAC 7868W phone (which I purchased back in December 2000!). I tried some other software packages first, but to no avail. When I used other products they would screw up the data fields. For example: the Work # went into Home, Cell went into Fax, Home went into Work, and so on. So I purchased your product for the LG Accolade VX5600 (Verizon) and it worked like a charm!!! It was so easy to use, Very User friendly and the data actually did backup and restore correctly! I was truly amazed and just wanted to take this time to pass my compliments onto your company. I just purchased two (2) additional LG phones (same model as mine) for my parents so we would all have the same and I would be able to instruct them. This week I will definitely pick up the same Datapilot program for them to help them migrate their data and backup up their phone. Also, it's a lot easier to enter the data on a computer keyboard than trying to use the keypads on the phones.

So in closing, THANKS for a WONDERFUL PRODUCT !!! I will tell all my friends that it's a must to have your product if they own a cell phone. Kudos to a Job Well Done !!! "

-Mark C.

"Thank you very much. I've just been so busy getting out of late training meeting with Clear and Adoplex with the new G-4 technology. I'm walking around New York City with my inernet on the go. I'm going to send a thank you letter to the company for us doing great business. Thank you very much your a champion there really doing some great work. I will be pushig the data pilot sofware. I've this product its been improved a lot.

-Akinwunmi D.

"Software is already updated. Thanks so much for your super-quick help!"

-David J.

"Everything works great. I was able to get all the info off of my old cell phones and onto the new ones, no problem."

-Jim K.

"Thank you very much. it worked perfectly, and the program is great and very versatile.
Have a great week!"

-Mark W.


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