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DataPilot Online Affiliate Program

Your Benefits

  • 15-25% commission on any purchase of the products available for sale at
  • Rich product offering with pricing ranging from as little as $29.95 to as much as $649.95
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Strong brand awareness
  • Wide range of marketing tools to support your on-line efforts including links, banners, and creative materials to maximize revenue generation opportunities
  • Broad range of target customers including end-users and corporations

Product Benefits

  • Fastest way to transfer, edit, sync and back up cell phone contact information to your PC
  • Check e-mails and search the web on the go
  • Stay in sync with your Outlook appointments
  • Personalize your phone with your favorite ring tones and pictures
  • Download your camera phone pictures via data cable and save expensive air time charges
  • For more information contact us at: 1-866-SUSTEEN or email us at

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